300 Days of Beer – Day 266

Day 266 – 29th October 2016

300beersSaturdays are the best day of the weekend, that’s for sure! Today was a good day – day trip to Rugby to see good friends, and then to IKEA in Coventry (sacrifices have to be made), before returning to Rugby to nip to the Rugby Tap to stock up on beer, and nipping to the little pub next door for a quick pint. Heavenly! The pint in question is the subject of the post, and it was a rather dark pale ale from Byatt’s Brewery – ‘Vienna Pale Ale’. A delightful pint in delightful surroundings in delightful company. A win-win situation!! If you want to know more about the beer, head off to https://www.byattsbrewery.co.uk but if it’s the location you want to know more about, you should visit http://www.rugbytap.co.uk



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