300 Days of Beer – Day 297

Day 297 – 11th June 2016

300beersSunday evening. The weekend is over, and thoughts turn to the working week ahead. But before that, let me share with you some momentous news! In the football world, there was quite a shock as England won the World Cup. England are World Champions. Admittedly it was at Under 20 level, but a win is a win. Something the full squad haven’t done for 51 years. Speaking of whom, they only managed to sneak a 2-2 draw against Scotland. And on the subject of Scotland, that is the origin of tonight’s beer! From the Belhaven Brewery in East Lothian, ‘Twisted Grapefruit’ is an IPA with a definite grapefruit taste as the name suggests. I mean ‘definite’. It’s almost like you’re drinking grapefruit juice, except you have that golden IPA colouring in your glass. Feel free to visit the brewery’s website at https://www.belhaven.co.uk

Day 297 - Twisted Grapefruit


300 Days of Beer – Northumberland Tour: Days 117 – 120

300BeersI’ve been on holiday this week, up in Northumberland – ridiculously close to the Scottish Border – and took the opportunity to sample some locally brewed ales while I was there, and, naturally, brought some bottles back with me to carry on the joy. So here is a quick run down of what passed my lips over the week…

Day 117 – 11th August 2015

IMAG0476On the first full day, we took a Sunday morning jaunt to Kelso, over the Scottish border. As it was quite early, and nothing seems to happen in Kelso before 11am on a Sunday, we nipped to Lidl to stock up, and I happened upon some local brews. On Tuesday, I was ready to sample the first of which was from the Belhaven Brewery called ‘St Andrew’s Amber Ale’. It was, as expected, an amber ale, and I have to say, I could have drunk more than one. There is, as ever, a website to tell you about, and that is http://www.belhaven.co.uk


Day 118 – 12th August 2015

IMAG0506After a day at the beach, in the shadow of Bamburgh Castle, I took in my second ale of the week. From the Caledonian Brewery, I sampled their ‘Deuchars IPA’. Delightful. And, the website – http://www.caledonianbeer.com




Day 119 – 13th August 2015

IMAG0528_1Another day at the beach followed, and this time, we headed across to Low Newton-on-Sea. An amazing beach topped off with a great pub, the Ship Inn, just off the beach with a grass square to lay back and relax after a busy day of digging in the sand! They have their own micro-brewery, with a number of different ales to choose from. From the pumps, I had a go of their ‘Ship Shape’ ale. Oh boy, it was smooth, gentle and completely awesome! To top it off, I took another bottle of a different ale away with me, but more of that later. There is a website for you to have a peek at too – http://www.shipinnnewton.co.uk


Day 120 – 14th August 2015

IMAG0535_1On to the final full day of the holiday, and we set off in the pouring rain to Berwick-upon-Tweed. Lunchtime in a nice little pub, and another ale. From the Alnwick Brewery, I had their Alnwick IPA to go with my scampi and chips. Good taste all around. Check out their website, folks – http://www.alnwickbrewery.com