300 Days of Beer – Day 295

Day 295 – 6th June 2017 

300beersA busy day at the office. It could be seen as a good thing, or a bad thing! Either way, I was glad to come home and make my way through tonight’s beer selection. Speaking of which, said beer is from the Marston’s brewery, and it’s called ’61 Deep’. So called because the well at the brewery is 61 metres deep. Simple as that!! For more, why not visit their website at http://www.marstons.co.uk/beers

Day 295 - 61 Deep


300 Days of Beer – Day 247

Day 247 – 9th September 2016

300BeersThank God for the weekend!! It’s been one of those days at work where you wish it had ended two hours earlier than it actually did. I made it through anyway, and now for my reward! After a tip-top home made curry, I’m taking on Marston’s ‘Owd Rodger’. A 7.4% volume beer that is dark, fruity and brewed to a 500 year old recipe. I’ve only got one thing to say – “wowzers!” By all means, head over to the website  http://www.marstons.co.uk  and read all about it.


300 Days of Beer – Day 178

Day 178 – 10th March 2016

300BeersI know what you’re thinking – ‘two days in a row, the man’s a total alcoholic’. Fear not, my friends, for sometimes you need to drink two nights in a row. I’ll admit that it’s not out of need to de-stress or blot out a terrible day, purely because I can. And so with that, I shall continue with tonight’s offering. The Marston’s Brewery has produced many a beer, and their ‘Amber Ale’ is certainly one to savour. According to the label on the bottle, it goes well with Thai curry, white fish or blue cheese – I can also add a sausage and hash brown sandwich to the list!! For website fun, head over to http://www.marstons.co.uk

Day 178 - Amber Ale

300 Days of Beer – Day 111

Day 111 – 26th July 2015

300BeersSo, now I’m 35 years old. Gee Whizz. You may ask how my Birthday has been? Apart from the weather which has been pretty much shite all day long, I’ve had some good presents from family, plenty of beer from my friends, a nice lunch with said friends and family. Then, to finish off a wonderful day, Lewis Hamilton didn’t win the Hungarian Grand Prix and I watched the first two Back To The Future movies on DVD. Now, I’m writing about, and drinking, the beer given to me by my two boys today – it’s by Marston’s and it’s a special edition ‘Help For Heroes’ Blonde ale. It’s zesty, and quite enjoyable to drink. For more, why not follow the obligatory weblink – http://www.marstonsbrewery.co.uk


300 Days of Beer – Day 40

Day 40 – 3rd March 2015

300BeersHere I am on day 40 of my alcoholic challenge, and I’m still enjoying having a good old drink most days. Today’s tipple of choice is from one of the bigger breweries. From Marston’s, I’m having their ‘Old Empire’ IPA. Most enjoyable indeed, readers. If you want to know what else is in the Marston’s locker, head over to their website – http://www.marstonsbrewery.co.uk