300 Days of Beer – Day 296

Day 296 – 9th June 2017

300beersI was going to drink this beer yesterday evening while watching the Election results come in, but I thought better of it – I figured I was going to be depressed when I woke up this morning, there was no need to add alcohol and tiredness into the mix! As it happens, I woke up fairly happy with the result, seeing as it was a slap in the face for Theresa May and her ‘strong and stable’ nonsense. Instead, it’s Friday night, and I can enjoy it properly! The beer in question is another from the Black Sheep Brewery, this particular one is called ‘Velo’, in honour of the brewery’s Yorkshire roots, the humble bicycle and the Grand Depart of the Tour De France which set off from Yorkshire back in 2014. I have to say, this is a beautiful pale ale worth getting your hands on. To see more, why not see their website https://www.blacksheepbrewery.com

Day 296 - Velo


Getting All Political

There are just over two weeks until the General Election in the UK. You know, the snap election that Mrs May said she had no intention of calling, and then in a U-turn that is becoming a habit, changed her mind.

At 23.59 tonight (Monday 22nd May 2017) the window for registering to vote closes, so if you want to vote but haven’t registered, the sands of time are almost run out. If you’re in the 18-24 age group, you have to realise that your vote is incredibly important. Whether you’re a Tory toerag, a Labour lackey, or a Lib Dem lover, your vote is your democratic right. Remember the voting statistics for the EU Referendum? It was the 18-24 year olds who failed to turn up in their droves, and then shouted about the older generation ruining their futures.

Excuse the language, but his point is valid.

However you vote doesn’t matter. Just put your cross in the box, and have your say. So many people claim that they aren’t interested in politics. But every little part of your life is influenced by politics. Whether it’s the cost of your shopping or the amount of tax you pay on your wages. If you’re a parent, then you have to worry about your children’s education – be it the tests they’re subjected to or the school dinners they get. Not to mention the cost of them going on to University. If you’re older, then your concern is going to be healthcare – access to your GP, or long-term care requirements.

I don’t know why, but the last few votes (General Election or Referendum) have tended to be fought on the basis of spreading fear of the opposition rather than promoting the positives of their own campaign. And the mainstream media have enabled this ‘nasty politics’.

Personally, I am still undecided how I’ll vote. In the North Shropshire constituency, Owen Patterson represents the Conservatives in what I would call an ultra-safe seat with a majority of around 17,000 in 2015. But, despite this, I will still vote. And still carry on complaining when Mr Patterson wins again. I would like to vote with my convictions, but feel a tactical vote for the most likely to defeat the Tories may be required.

The amount of character assassination aimed at Jeremy Corbyn is unfair. The picture of a bumbling imbecile with no leadership capabilities has been propagated by the right-leaning media and even the so-called impartial BBC seems to have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. Personally, I find him honest, fair, and engaging. He is never afraid to talk to people, in comparison with Theresa May who has gone from one stage-managed invite-only meeting to the next, avoiding unsolicited questions that could uncover the incompetence and inability behind the “Strong and Stable” mantra.

At the end of the day, this election is all about ‘Brexit’. Theresa May is hoping for a big enough majority to enable her to carry out the biggest act of self-inflicted stupidity this nation has ever engaged in. This is where all the Brexiteers get defensive and tell me to stop moaning… the nation decided… democracy… we want our country back… yada yada yada. But there is the right way to leave the EU, and there is the Tory, UKIP-lite way.

So, all I can say is go and vote. But don’t be a dick and vote for the Tories!!!

Putting a X in a Box

So. Yesterday was Election Day. Did we all vote?!

Well, I know some didn’t as there was only a 66.1% voter turnout (according to the BBC website). For the 33.9% who didn’t, I have a message for you – I hope you’re happy with the outcome!!

For those that did vote, whoever you voted for, I hope you voted with your principles, and not out of fear. It is safe to say that the political landscape looks remarkably different today. I think we have learned the following from the vote:

1) UKIP got 12.6% of the total vote share. That means that 1 in 8 people endorse their message that the EU is the source of all evil with it’s immigration and apparently manipulating bureaucrats. This is a frightening thought.

2) The Liberal Democrats paid the ultimate price for trying to do ‘the right thing’ after the last time. They lost all but 8 seats in the carnage. Nick Clegg took his party into a coalition Government and then got picked off like the weakest member of the herd. One the one hand, they lost out where a vote for Labour was seen as the best way to get rid of the Tories, and on the other, they suffered where the Tory fear campaign about the prospect of an SNP/Labour deal caused a swing to the Conservatives.

3) Scotland. Wow. They showed no mercy whatsoever! The SNP claimed all but three of the Scottish seats available – ousting senior Lib Dem and Labour honchos in the process. Goodbye Charles Kennedy. So long Danny Alexander. Farewell Douglas Alexander.

4) The Conservatives now have five years to “make Britain greater”. If they fail, they have nobody else to blame. Without the Lib Dems to moderate them, we finally get to see Cameron and Osborne unleashed and muzzles off. This is a terrifying prospect.

5) There will be an EU In/Out Referendum. UKIPers will be ejaculating in their pants at the prospect. Personally, I pray that the nation sees sense and votes to remain in a Europe that does need work, but is repairable only by being on the inside. I particularly liked the suggestion by SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon that the only way the UK leaves the EU is if ALL four nations are in favour.

6) I am looking for new places to live. You know, just in case the Tories fuck me over.

There you have it folks. That’s the 2015 General Election in a Specs Rugs & Sausage Rolls nutshell.

300 Days of Beer – Day 80

Day 80 – 8th May 2015

300BeersYesterday the people of the United Kingdom voted. Today, the country was plunged into depression and desperation associated with the prospect of another five years of Conservative rule. My choice of ale tonight will probably resonate with those of a blue hue – it’s ‘Victory Ale’ from Batemans. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a beer called ‘This Country’s knackered’… For their website, head to http://www.bateman.co.uk/home