300 Days of Beer – Day 297

Day 297 – 11th June 2016

300beersSunday evening. The weekend is over, and thoughts turn to the working week ahead. But before that, let me share with you some momentous news! In the football world, there was quite a shock as England won the World Cup. England are World Champions. Admittedly it was at Under 20 level, but a win is a win. Something the full squad haven’t done for 51 years. Speaking of whom, they only managed to sneak a 2-2 draw against Scotland. And on the subject of Scotland, that is the origin of tonight’s beer! From the Belhaven Brewery in East Lothian, ‘Twisted Grapefruit’ is an IPA with a definite grapefruit taste as the name suggests. I mean ‘definite’. It’s almost like you’re drinking grapefruit juice, except you have that golden IPA colouring in your glass. Feel free to visit the brewery’s website at https://www.belhaven.co.uk

Day 297 - Twisted Grapefruit


300 Days of Beer – Day 217

Day 217 – 27th June 2016

300BeersWell, you stop drinking for a few days and the country goes mental! For those of you not following the political upheaval in the United Kingdom, it’s been quite a week. By a very small majority the public voted to leave the European Union and this kicked off a weekend of chaos as first the Prime Minister resigned, and then over the weekend, pretty much the entire opposition party resigned from their posts in the shadow cabinet, leaving a very isolated but determined Jeremy Corbyn to deal with a very real threat to his leadership. So, in order to try and restore some sanity to the nation, I’m continuing with my beer crusade. Tonight, as the England football team seem hell bent on joining the exit from Europe, I’m enjoying something Welsh – another beer from the Hafod Brewing Company, it’s ‘Hopper’. This very bright, crisp, hoppy ale is full of flavour and is probably the only bright thing in the last couple of days! If you’re the curious type, head off to the website at http://www.welshbeer.com

Day 217 - Hopper