The Saturday Shuffle – Week 1

Here we go with another attempt at a regular feature. Every Saturday afternoon I’ll be posting the first five tracks that the shuffle function on my phone throws up. Not literally, of course. I will then try to write a few words about the tracks, either why I like it, or if there are any associated memories and stories – though with my memory, you’ll be lucky!!

  1. Angie – The Rolling Stones. This is quite a delicate song from the normally bluesy Stones. I suppose that’s why I like it.
  2. All My Loving – The Beatles. This is a live version from the Anthology series of albums released in tandem with the documentary series back in 1995/1996. Funnily enough, I heard a pretty good rendition of this song last night at the Hummingbirds gig in Chester!!
  3. Love Sick – Bob Dylan. One of the more recent Dylan songs. I can’t remember which album it’s from, and to be honest I probably haven’t played it a great deal compared to his earlier work.
  4. Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down And Out) – John Lennon. If you know me, you’ll know I’m pretty bonkers about John Lennon. This is one of his solo tracks from the Walls And Bridges album. Apparently, he wrote it with the intention of getting Frank Sinatra to record it. He does a pretty damned good job of it himself, but I think you can probably imagine it being given the full Sinatra treatment.
  5. The Man Who Sold The World – David Bowie. A great Bowie track probably less known in the pool of the Bowie back catalogue. I’ve got previous with this song, using it for one of my Song Title Short Stories, which you can read here  if you are so inclined!

And there you are. The first five tracks which give you an idea of the music I love.

Until next time…


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