Albums You Should Own – Part 13

It’s been a while since I visited this ‘Albums You Should Own’ series, and that’s because I’ve been busy with other stuff like depression and what have you. Also, there hasn’t really been an album I deem worthy of the title. Until now. On April 7th 2017 the most anticipated record of the year, maybe even my life was released after months of teasing and occasional track releases…

Pure Comedy – Father John Misty

Where to start?! The title track, ‘Pure Comedy’ begins the journey of life almost, with the Pure Comedyopening lines addressing the absurdity of children being born incomplete as it were, and having to rely on your parents and society to school you in life. The only problem is, humanity doesn’t really have a clue. They’re busy ‘finding goons they elected to rule them’ and ‘building fortunes poisoning their offspring’.

From here, the album follows the concept that humanity has turned to ‘Entertainment’ as an escape from the world, but somewhere along the line, we’ve confused this entertainment for reality and this is a really bad state of affairs. But it’s all done with lush arrangements, beautiful melodies and on-point lyrics. As with all his material, Father John Misty has the ability to get his message across in a way you can’t help but love.

The entire album is a dream, but if I had to pick out a few tracks for particular praise, then I would have to say ‘Total Entertainment Forever’ for it’s upbeat feel and instant catchiness; ‘Ballad of the Dying Man’ because I’ve loved it since I first heard it sometime in January or February; and ‘Leaving L.A.’ which is a thirteen minute marathon of reflection on his life and career, which he handles with remarkable style and a little bit of humour too – “I’m beginning to begin to see the end, Of how it all goes down between me and them, Some 10-verse chorus-less diatribe, Plays as they all jump ship, “I used to like this guy, This new shit really kinda makes me wanna die.”

One thing’s for certain, I don’t see myself ‘jumping ship’ anytime soon while he is producing heavenly bodies of work such as this.


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