Song Title Short Story #5

The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment – Father John Misty

I’ve always been drawn to strong, confident women. A woman who can put me in my place, and have me begging for more always gets my attention. It’s a challenge, if you like – let’s see if I can tame her. And that’s how I saw Meg. She was bolshy, demanding and always had to be right. I was in awe the moment I saw her holding court in the bar with her friends. She was the centre of attention, the leader of the pack. Everyone around her hung on every word she spouted from her vibrant red lips. She waved her wine glass around like a conductors baton.

As I sat at the bar and eavesdropped, it became clear that she was full of shit, and full of her own self-importance. I cringed at every utterance, her speech littered with malapropisms that nobody dared to pick her up on. But she was so damned gorgeous, even I could let it pass. About three bourbons later, I plucked up the courage to accost her as she waited at the bar. I must have turned on the charm, because at the end of the night, we were back at her apartment, her friends in tow, extending the fun.

As the rest of the group lay about drunkenly talking, Meg took me into her room. We stood by the bed, and I fumbled at her blouse, the buttons feeling miniscule between my confused fingers and thumbs. I persevered, because I knew I wouldn’t get another chance, and finally we were naked. I remembered I had a little wrap of Speed, and offered Meg some. She grinned and we both indulged before a frantic bout of sex ensued.

I woke to find myself alone, and the sun starting to rise. The apartment was silent, so I tiptoed to the bathroom, only to find Meg in the bath with one of the guys who had been in her group. I tried to back out graciously, but was called back. They were both relaxed, and Meg told me to sit on the edge of the bath. I sat awkwardly as Meg and her friend talked nonsense, before breaking into song. Singing ‘Silent Night’ in the height of summer felt bizarre, but I was joining in by the end to create a perfect three part harmony. Then the bullshit kicked in, as Meg tried to convince us she was as good as the Jazz singer, Sarah Vaughan. I rolled my eyes and left them to it.

Soon, it was mid-morning. Meg’s friends had left, and there was just me and her alone together. I was ready for leaving, but she asked me to stay a while longer. Before I knew it, we were naked again and she was whispering in my ear that she got turned on when a man put his hands around her throat. I obliged, and felt the urge to tighten my grip.


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