Song Title Short Story #3

Sippin On Sunshine – Avril Lavigne

Mary climbed aboard the coach as carefully as she could, bearing in mind she was only three months on from her hip replacement. Her son, Donald, had begged her not to go to Llandudno, but she was a stubborn old mule at the best of times, so Donald’s pleas had merely stiffened her resolve. He didn’t know what it was like being stuck in this place with no sign of being allowed to go back home. As far as she was concerned, all he wanted was for her to stay in the nursing home forever, and be less of a burden on him and his wife – well, sod them, she thought to herself. In the five years since her Victor’s death, she had managed to maintain her independence, even at the sprightly age of seventy-three years young. And she had no intentions of changing that now.

She shuffled up the aisle, surveying the empty seats available. She hovered next to Doris, but decided against it after remembering that Doris sometimes forgot to put her teeth in. Instead she settled on the seat next to Dennis, the new chap. With a friendly smile, Dennis picked his cap off the seat and Mary gleefully lowered herself onto the seat next to him. When everyone was on board Angela, the activities organiser paced up and down the aisle making sure they were all strapped in and had everything. She paused when she came to Mary.

“Mary, dear, have you got a coat with you?” Angela asked.

“No, dear, I haven’t.” Was Mary’s polite response.

“Don’t you think you’ll need one? It’s February, after all. It will be chilly in the sea air.”

Mary shrugged. She could see Angela getting all het up, and she loved it.

“I can’t get up now, I’m comfortable,” she retorted. As it happened, one of the carers was sent to retrieve the coat.

Finally, with Mary’s coat tucked on the overhead storage shelf, the coach set off for Llandudno. Dennis and Mary passed the time playing Rummy with a deck of cards he had produced soon after the journey began. There was something about Dennis that reminded her of Vic, a glint in his eye perhaps, and so she found herself enjoying his company. She found out that Dennis was divorced, and his children had put him in the home because they thought he was going doolally, which he certainly wasn’t!

When they arrived at Llandudno, they got off the coach, and Angela led them down on to the promenade. The wind battered them but Mary clung to Dennis and he happily provided the support. When nobody was looking, and much to her surprise, Dennis leaned in and planted a kiss on Mary’s lips. What surprised her even more was how enjoyable it was. She allowed him to finish the kiss, and rather than follow the rest of the group, they sat on a bench and wished the moment would never end.


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