300 Days of Beer – Day 287

Day 287 – 8th December 2016

300beersThe 8th of December. The day the world mourns the passing of possibly the 20th Century’s greatest icons – John Lennon. Today, whilst mourning this, I also had cause to mourn something else… the now deceased handbrake on my car!! Motor problems out of the way (apart from remembering to leave the car in gear until it gets fixed next week), time for tonight’s beer, which is something that might be of interest to all those people who are due to be designated drivers this Christmas season. From those clever folks at Brewdog, ‘Nanny State’ is a zingy, flavoursome, hoppy ale with just 0.5% alcohol content. That’s right – you can have an ‘alcohol free’ ale that doesn’t taste like shit. So, head over to the website https://www.brewdog.com



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