Albums You Should Own – Part 12

Music is a funny old thing, you know. While the so-called mainstream is full of absolute shite peddled by evil Mr Cowell and his insipid, characterless drones of music destruction, true musical genius is sometimes taking place in the background. In the shady corners of BBC 6 music, or Youtube, artists and musicians are flourishing based on their ability to perform and write music, rather than whether they look the part, or can do the stupid vocal gymnastics and arm waving. One day, Mr Moore and I were talking about the Fleet Foxes, and how it was time they got back to releasing albums. From there we somehow stumbled across Father John Misty. And how lucky we did! This album in particular has been on constantly in our house – in the morning, in the car, and before bed.

I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty

This album is describable in two words: Fucking Amazing. There are lush melodies, love father_john_misty_i_love_you_honeybearsongs, and sharp-as-knives lyrics all intertwined in his own seemingly unique way. Father John Misty is actually Josh Tillman, formerly of the Fleet Foxes, and the man has attitude in spades. Possibly misunderstood (go and listen to his interview with Radcliffe & Maconie for evidence), his personality oozes out of his songs.

The title track, ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ sounds like a delightful premise for a schmaltzy love song, but listen to the lyrics, and what you’ve got is something slightly twisted. Not many love songs contain the lines “You’re bent over the altar, And the neighbors are complaining, That the misanthropes next door, Are probably conceiving a Damian”.

I could easily go through the whole album, so smitten am I with it, but I feel that you would be better just getting yourself a copy, load up on wine or beer or whatever your poison is, and put it on loud with the lights down low. And then, when you’ve listened for the fifth time, and worked out how absolutely brilliant the lyrics are, you can drop me a message to thank me.


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