300 Days of Beer – Day 243

Day 243 – 3rd September 2016

300BeersWell, what a wet and soggy day it was! I’ve been stuck inside all day long, watching the rain fall until it was too late to do anything with the day. The television has been on for most of the time, either with Star Trek, or this afternoon was a Harry Potter DVD half-marathon. Now it’s time for some beer to restore some sanity! From the Rebel Brewing Co of Cornwall, ‘Eighty Shilling’ is a dark ale with a hint of red, a Scottish ale (well, why not!) named after the tax charged on a 54 gallon hogshead of beer between 4 and 5.5% alcohol volume in 19th Century Scotland. In case you were wondering. On to the matter of the website link, you’ll be wanting to click http://www.rebelbrewing.co.uk to take you there!

Day 243 - Eighty Shilling


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