300 Days of Beer – Day 237

Day 237 – 21st August 2016

300BeersIt’s the final day at the Rio Olympics today. Now all the sporting excitement is over, I wonder how many people will be inspired to go out and take up a new sport on the back of it all? For me, if I had to take up an Olympic sport, it would probably be something like Badminton or Tennis. Relatively inexpensive to take part in, and all you need is a racquet to play. I did enjoy the track cycling, mostly because Team GB seemed to win most of the events!! Right – enough with the preamble – time for beer. This evening I’m having yet another Beer 52 offering (they just keep coming!) from the Portobello Brewing Co in London, it’s ‘Westway Pale Ale’, a pale ale with a nice crisp taste and golden colour. If it’s a website you’re wanting, then look no further than http://portobellobrewing.com

Day 237 - Westway Pale Ale


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