300 Days of Beer – Day 232

Day 232 – 14th August 2016

300BeersIt’s always hard coming down from holiday mode to get ready to go back to work. I’ve already got the shirts ironed, so at least that’s out of the way! Now, I’ve got the Olympics on, the all-conquering Cycling team fighting it out in the men’s sprint with a Team GB one-two guaranteed. Justin Rose won the Golf earlier today, and Andy Murray just starting his Gold medal match against Del Potro – this could be Super Sunday!! As an accompaniment, I’m supping the latest entry in my 300 Days of Beer challenge – ‘West Coast Rocks’ from the Tenby Brewing Company. I picked up a couple of their offerings to bring back with me, and this is the first. It’s a lower alcohol content (3.8%) ‘session’ IPA which really means you can have a couple of these and still function normally. If you want to see more from this little brewery in South Wales, then nip off to http://tenbybrewingco.com

Day 232 - West Coast Rocks


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