300 Days of Beer – Day 213

Day 213 – 12th June 2016

300BeersMy week-long break from work is at an end: the shirts are ironed, the shoes are polished (well, not really), and the alarm is set. After nine days away from the office (weekends included), it’s time to haul myself into work tomorrow morning. The added fact that there is a major football tournament going on makes it even worse, as there is little chance I will get to see any of the early matches including England against Wales on Thursday. That may well be a blessing in disguise, but on with the beer! Today’s offering is from the Enville Brewery in Stourbridge, and it’s their eponymous ‘Enville Ale’. Golden in colour with honey and hop flavour in abundance, it was an ideal accompaniment to my schnitzel and chips for tea!! If you want to know more about the brewery and their story, head over to http://www.envilleales.com

Day 213 - Enville Ale


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