300 Days of Beer – Stag Special

7th May 2016

300BeersI’d been primed to expect much on my stag weekend, but returned with the full compliment of eyebrows, no unsightly tattoos, and no permanent marker hi-jinks either. So, overall, a good result!

It didn’t quite go according to plan, but the first stop was a tour of the Truman’s Brewery in Hackney Wick just an Olympic discus throwers throw of a stone from the actual London Olympic park. It was highly informative, and most enjoyable – not just the beer, but the process of making it and the rich history too. It was here that I had the first pint of the day – ‘Swift’. It was most IMAG1451welcomingly refreshing on a scorching hot London afternoon!! After this, I had another ‘Zephyr’, previously tasted on this very feature and still enjoyable. Then out came something special. I wish I’d taken notice of what was being said, but it was a remarkable brew that had a taste reminiscent of wine more than beer. After farewells were said to the nice man at Truman’s, we were off for more alcohol consumption.

Next stop was the Edinboro Castle Pub in Camden, where I had myself a ‘Northern Star’ a mocha porter from the Northern Monk Brew Co. Now, it was a nice beer, but probably not suitable for the occasion or the weather. I persevered for half a pint, but had to grudgingly admit defeat, and from thence forward stuck to Gin & Tonics and Vodka & Cokes!IMAG1443

After ten hours on the go, it was time to admit defeat, and our age, and head home with a pizza.



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