300 Days of Beer – Day 193

Day 193 – 1st May 2016

300BeersOn to another month we go. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend which means only one thing – crappy weather! To be fair, it hasn’t been the biblical level of rain we normally get, just enough to put you off going outside. So, after a day of Harry Potter movies and The Game of Life, I’m ready to sit down with a nice beer and watch some snooker. For those who don’t follow the game, the May Day holiday always heralds the World Snooker Championship final. As far as the beer is concerned, this evening I’m having ‘The Golden Arrow’, a pale ale from The Shropshire Brewer. A nifty ale named after an old Shropshire countryside legend where anyone who finds the golden arrow lost by a 7th Century King on Pontesford Hill will enjoy great fortune. So while you enjoy this blog, I’m off to hire a metal detector and head over to Pontesford!! To see what else the Shropshire Brewer has to offer, why not visit their website at http://www.theshropshirebrewer.com

Day 193 - The Golden Arrow


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