300 Days of Beer – Day 192

Day 192 – 30th April 2016

300BeersJust like that, we’re a third of the way through the year. It’s been a month of all seasons – sometimes all in one day! We’ve had snow, rain, bright sunshine and a chill in the air. Now May is upon us, and hopefully this should bring more stability on the old weather front. Anyhow, as this is a beer blog post, not weather watch, on with the show. Today I visited the Battlefield 1403 shop just outside Shrewsbury. Much to the surprise of my good lady and wife-to-be, it was my very first visit, but it won’t be my last – it’s another veritable mine of local ale!! For this evening’s post I have selected ‘Cleric’s Cure’ from the Three Tuns Brewery. A delicious light India pale ale, it was actually one of the nicer ones I’ve had. You can, of course, see more at the website – http://www.threetunsbrewery.co.uk

Day 192 - Cleric's Cure


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