300 Days of Beer – Day 188

Day 188 – 21st April 2016

300BeersWell, today has been a day of contrasts. Firstly, we’ve been celebrating Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th Birthday, and then out of nowhere, the day takes a solemn twist with the news of Prince’s death. I should think that anyone who’s been watching the BBC News channel this evening to be hearing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ and ‘Purple Rain’ in their sleep on a continuous loop!! So, on to tonight’s beer of choice. It has no connection with either the Queen or Prince, but I will be toasting Liz on her big day, and also the memory of Prince. The beer comes from the Thornbridge brewery in Bakewell, and it’s called ‘Jaipur’ – an Indian pale ale that really has got some zingy freshness to it! I suppose you could call it funky!! Anyway, as ever, you can whizz over to the website http://www.thornbridgebrewery.co.uk and see more of their offerings.

Day 188 - Jaipur


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