300 Days of Beer – Day 182

Day 182 – 1st April 2016

300BeersWelcome to April! So, who played an April Fool joke this morning? I didn’t. I’m not a mean bastard. Anyway, yesterday I discovered a new mecca of beer in Shropshire – Moonshine & Fuggles. It’s an amazing shop with a wall of ale to make the average beer drinker drool. It is from here that the next five beers were sourced on a sunny Thursday afternoon in Ironbridge. To see what else they can provide you with, I implore you to sneak over to their website http://www.moonshineandfuggles.com. In the meantime, this evenings beer is a local brew from Shrewsbury’s Battlefield Brewery. ‘Battlefield Gold’ is a very golden, smooth and delicious ale that is a great introduction to this brewery. If the rest of their stable is as good, I will enjoy seeing the Battlefield Brewery name on my bottle. As usual, here’s their website to go and see what they can do – http://battlefieldbrewery.co.uk

Day 182 - Battlefield Gold


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