300 Days of Beer – Day 178

Day 178 – 10th March 2016

300BeersI know what you’re thinking – ‘two days in a row, the man’s a total alcoholic’. Fear not, my friends, for sometimes you need to drink two nights in a row. I’ll admit that it’s not out of need to de-stress or blot out a terrible day, purely because I can. And so with that, I shall continue with tonight’s offering. The Marston’s Brewery has produced many a beer, and their ‘Amber Ale’ is certainly one to savour. According to the label on the bottle, it goes well with Thai curry, white fish or blue cheese – I can also add a sausage and hash brown sandwich to the list!! For website fun, head over to http://www.marstons.co.uk

Day 178 - Amber Ale


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