Something I just knocked up

I just had some time, so I thought I’d sit down and have a go at some writing. Nothing spectacular, just something to try and get the creativity flowing again. So, here it is…

A Brief Short Story

It wasn’t easy being a single man. Countless bad first dates, and rarely a second date had left Will with low self-esteem and absolutely no motivation for the dating game.

Five years had passed now since Mary had left him just a week before their wedding. She’d left him to answer all the awkward questions from his family, questions he didn’t really know the answer to himself – just that ‘it wasn’t how she wanted her life to be’. Unfortunately, Will had felt that it was exactly how he wanted his life to be – married to the love of his life. ‘Time is a great healer’ they said. ‘Plenty more fish in the sea’, was another unwelcome platitude in the early days. As time passed though, Will could see the wisdom in the former, but now was beginning to doubt the reality in the latter.

His best friends were still trying to help him out, setting him up with various friends of friends, dragging him out to the bars and clubs where all the women congregated at the weekend. Yet every night, he remained alone. He was even beginning to forget what it was like to be intimate with a woman, such was his drought. Will just spent his time going to work, coming home and meeting up with his mates, all of whom were now either married or settled in long-term relationships of their own. Playing gooseberry was becoming a depressing addition to his daily life. Not even his Playstation could haul him out of the deep despair he felt.

Then, one weekend, things seemed to change. Will woke up on the Saturday morning and decided he was going to get himself a companion. If he couldn’t find a girlfriend, he would fil the void with something else – a pet. He got himself ready and nipped down to the local animal rescue shelter. He wandered up and down the runs peering in to see all manner of sorry looking dogs and cats. Then, he stopped at the very end. He looked through the glass to see this grizzled face with sad eyes and a tail slapping gently on the floor. Will had found a new friend. He read the board to the side of the glass – ‘Basil’ needed a new home. Will knew he could give him the home he deserved. He’d always wanted a Border Terrier anyway, but never been able to afford a puppy of his own. He waved at Basil, and tapped the glass gently. Basil wagged his tail and barked excitedly.

Will came away an hour later with an armful of paperwork, but one step nearer to taking Basil home with him.


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