300 Days of Beer – Day 174

Day 174 – 21st February 2016

300BeersAh, another Sunday comes and goes. It’s been a fair weekend – haircut and visiting my brother on his birthday yesterday, and today was just a day at home with no pressure to do anything other than homework and ironing for the next week!! Well, with that all done and dusted, and having watched some footy on the box too, it’s time for a rather poignant moment in my 300 Beers quest. Tonight was the last beer from ‘Beer Me Up Scotty’ – my former chief beer supplier who gave up because there was no money in it for him. I had mixed emotions drinking it, but as they say, “the show must go on.” And go on it does, and my farewell is from the Lymestone Brewery – ‘Abdominal Stoneman’. A rather hefty ale with 7% alcohol, which I did not notice until after I’d finished the bottle!! To see what else Lymestone have to offer, you can sneak over to their website http://www.lymestonebrewery.co.uk

Day 174 - Abdominal Stoneman


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