300 Days of Beer – Day 163

Day 163 – 18th January 2016

300BeersI had a late night last night, staying up to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game against the Broncos in the NFL Play-offs. Unfortunately, there was nothing to cheer come the end of the game (well, when I say cheer, I mean silent fist pump) as the Steelers fell short. My pre-match can of Red Bull then proceeded to prevent sleep from coming – safe to say I was a little bleary eyed this morning. Don’t worry though, I’m back up to speed and all ready to continue my 300 Beers crusade. This evening’s tipple is from the Rhymney Brewery of Pontypool, and it’s ‘Hobby Horse’. It went down smoother than a Peyton Manning kneel down, but in stark contrast, it didn’t come back up!! While you puzzle at that last metaphor, why not visit the brewery website for more at http://www.rhymneybreweryltd.com

Day 163 - Hobby Horse


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