300 Days of Beer – Day 136

Day 136 – 17th October 2015

300BeersWeekends are marvellous aren’t they? Two days without work (if you’re lucky) and a chance to relax and do things that need doing at home, or just doing sweet f.a. It was a mixture of both for me today – a morning in town sorting out glasses for my youngest boy, followed by a trip to ‘Beer Me Up Scotty’ to pick up some more delightful (I’m guessing) ales from this ever-growing ale retail outlet. You can even sit in and have a pint on tap if you have the time. Tonight’s ale though, is another from my parents’ Sussex batch. From the High Weald Brewery in East Grinstead, it’s their ‘Greenstede Gold’ brew. According to the bumf, it’s a mix of British and American hops. All I can say is it tastes pretty good! If you want to know more, I can give you the obligatory website link – http://www.highwealdbrewery.co.uk



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