300 Days of Beer – Day 132

Day 132 – 4th October 2015

300BeersI’m a day late, I know. It’s like handing in homework the day after it was due, but at least it got done, didn’t it?! The reason for my lateness was that I was out in London yesterday, taking in the NFL game at Wembley and got home quite late. And while I was out in the ‘Big City’, I thought it a good opportunity to add to my ‘300 Days’ list. So, with my brother and his pre-trip research we leapt off the tube at Warwick Avenue, head down to Little Venice and went into the ‘Warwick Castle’ pub on Warwick Place. And it was there that I had ‘Zephyr’ a hoppy, delightful ale from Truman’s. I’ve actually just had a look at the website myself, and I have to say, it’s quite a story. For beer enthusiasts, or those who admire attention to detail, go to http://www.trumansbeer.co.uk and read about the yeast.



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