300 Days of Beer – Northumberland Tour: Days 117 – 120

300BeersI’ve been on holiday this week, up in Northumberland – ridiculously close to the Scottish Border – and took the opportunity to sample some locally brewed ales while I was there, and, naturally, brought some bottles back with me to carry on the joy. So here is a quick run down of what passed my lips over the week…

Day 117 – 11th August 2015

IMAG0476On the first full day, we took a Sunday morning jaunt to Kelso, over the Scottish border. As it was quite early, and nothing seems to happen in Kelso before 11am on a Sunday, we nipped to Lidl to stock up, and I happened upon some local brews. On Tuesday, I was ready to sample the first of which was from the Belhaven Brewery called ‘St Andrew’s Amber Ale’. It was, as expected, an amber ale, and I have to say, I could have drunk more than one. There is, as ever, a website to tell you about, and that is http://www.belhaven.co.uk


Day 118 – 12th August 2015

IMAG0506After a day at the beach, in the shadow of Bamburgh Castle, I took in my second ale of the week. From the Caledonian Brewery, I sampled their ‘Deuchars IPA’. Delightful. And, the website – http://www.caledonianbeer.com




Day 119 – 13th August 2015

IMAG0528_1Another day at the beach followed, and this time, we headed across to Low Newton-on-Sea. An amazing beach topped off with a great pub, the Ship Inn, just off the beach with a grass square to lay back and relax after a busy day of digging in the sand! They have their own micro-brewery, with a number of different ales to choose from. From the pumps, I had a go of their ‘Ship Shape’ ale. Oh boy, it was smooth, gentle and completely awesome! To top it off, I took another bottle of a different ale away with me, but more of that later. There is a website for you to have a peek at too – http://www.shipinnnewton.co.uk


Day 120 – 14th August 2015

IMAG0535_1On to the final full day of the holiday, and we set off in the pouring rain to Berwick-upon-Tweed. Lunchtime in a nice little pub, and another ale. From the Alnwick Brewery, I had their Alnwick IPA to go with my scampi and chips. Good taste all around. Check out their website, folks – http://www.alnwickbrewery.com


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