300 Days of Beer – Day 87/88

Day 87/88 – 27th May 2015

300BeersIt’s a bit of a bumper edition today (well yesterday really) because I’ve been down to London. Got back quite late last night, hence the post now! I don’t go there often – the four hour journey is the main reason if I’m honest – but I have a great time when I do go. This time we mixed business (my good lady had to go to the Austrian Embassy in person) with pleasure (making the long overdue introduction to my good old chum Doug and his girlfriend), and did a few touristy things – Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament. More importantly, I got to sample some other beers. The first beer was in the Argyll Arms on Argyll Street, and it was ‘Nicholsons Pale Ale’ brewed by the St Austell brewery. From there we moved on to a cosy little blues bar called Ain’t Nothin But Blues, where I sampled ‘Ghost Ship’ from the Adnam’s brewery. Also a delight! As usual, here come the links: http://www.aintnothinbut.co.uk http://adnams.co.uk http://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk

IMAG0158 IMAG0160


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