Funny Friday – An Occasional Series

Evening Blog-readers! This evening, I’m starting something new.

As someone who writes, and specifically in this case, a sitcom, I have seen a load of comedy shows in my lifetime, and tried to pick up useful tips along the way. What I shall attempt to do in this occasional series (ie when I can remember), is to look at the shows I’ve enjoyed and try and encapsulate what appealed to me.

I’m going to kick off the series with what is considered by many to be one of the best British sitcoms ever made – Only Fools And Horses.

ONLY-FOOLS-HORSESWe all know the catchphrases – “Rodney, you plonker!”, “Cosmic”, “Alright, Dave?!” and “During the war…” – but there was obviously more to the show than this, otherwise it would never have lasted as long as it did. Beneath the scheming, hapless surface of Del Boy lurked a family man who yearned for success. This enabled the viewers to sympathise with his trials and tribulations – people need to know that a character is worth rooting for. It’s the same for Rodney, Uncle Albert and even Boycie and Trigger. Throughout the show’s run, we got to see some comedy, and some tender moments.



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