Putting a X in a Box

So. Yesterday was Election Day. Did we all vote?!

Well, I know some didn’t as there was only a 66.1% voter turnout (according to the BBC website). For the 33.9% who didn’t, I have a message for you – I hope you’re happy with the outcome!!

For those that did vote, whoever you voted for, I hope you voted with your principles, and not out of fear. It is safe to say that the political landscape looks remarkably different today. I think we have learned the following from the vote:

1) UKIP got 12.6% of the total vote share. That means that 1 in 8 people endorse their message that the EU is the source of all evil with it’s immigration and apparently manipulating bureaucrats. This is a frightening thought.

2) The Liberal Democrats paid the ultimate price for trying to do ‘the right thing’ after the last time. They lost all but 8 seats in the carnage. Nick Clegg took his party into a coalition Government and then got picked off like the weakest member of the herd. One the one hand, they lost out where a vote for Labour was seen as the best way to get rid of the Tories, and on the other, they suffered where the Tory fear campaign about the prospect of an SNP/Labour deal caused a swing to the Conservatives.

3) Scotland. Wow. They showed no mercy whatsoever! The SNP claimed all but three of the Scottish seats available – ousting senior Lib Dem and Labour honchos in the process. Goodbye Charles Kennedy. So long Danny Alexander. Farewell Douglas Alexander.

4) The Conservatives now have five years to “make Britain greater”. If they fail, they have nobody else to blame. Without the Lib Dems to moderate them, we finally get to see Cameron and Osborne unleashed and muzzles off. This is a terrifying prospect.

5) There will be an EU In/Out Referendum. UKIPers will be ejaculating in their pants at the prospect. Personally, I pray that the nation sees sense and votes to remain in a Europe that does need work, but is repairable only by being on the inside. I particularly liked the suggestion by SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon that the only way the UK leaves the EU is if ALL four nations are in favour.

6) I am looking for new places to live. You know, just in case the Tories fuck me over.

There you have it folks. That’s the 2015 General Election in a Specs Rugs & Sausage Rolls nutshell.


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