300 Days of Beer – Day 17

Day 17 – 22nd January 2015

300BeersAnother day, and I’m still fully committed to this alcoholic adventure! I’d like to say to all those impressionable people out there that drinking is bad and you shouldn’t do it… but I’m a realist, so as far as I’m concerned it’s great. In moderation. Right, that’s the social responsibility bollocks out of the way – now to the matter in hand. Tonight’s choice comes all the way from Yorkshire (the brewery – I bought it from the Co-op in Wem), and it’s ‘Black Sheep Ale’ from the brewery of the same name. As no Yorkshireman probably ever said, “By ‘eck, it’s grand!” Anyway, here’s the link… http://www.blacksheepbrewery.com




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