Politically (Un)motivated

These last few weeks have seen quite a flurry of interesting political developments.

First of all there was the Scottish Independence referendum, and all the hullabaloo surrounding that, then we had the Conservative defections to the UK Independence Party (let’s not forget what their primary focus is) culminating in a first MP in Westminster thanks to the wonderful people of Clacton*voting

As a voter, I have generally voted Lib Dem, perhaps a wasted vote in the highly Conservative North Shropshire constituency, but I always felt they were an acceptable alternative to the big two. But since the last election, when Nick Clegg threw his lot in with the Tories, I have had to seriously think about who will get my vote in 2015.

Do I vote with my principles? Or do I vote to try and get rid of Cameron and his cronies? He was clearly worried about the Scottish vote, allowing Darling to promise lots of devolved powers for the Scottish parliament – whenever that may be. His smugness when the ‘No’ vote triumphed made my blood boil, as did his general demeanour in claiming the victory for himself (or as good as).

As a party, the Conservatives stand for everything I dislike: the privileged few controlling and dictating to the less well-off majority. Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne have claimed an economic recovery, yet the average wage of those who are on the front line has barely changed from levels before the recession. Only the non-moving Bank of England interest rate of 0.5% has saved many families from severe financial difficulties in a time of benefit freezes and real time inflation.

Labour? Whilst they take credit for the booming economy in the early part of the 21st Century, the resulting crash and alarming deficit put us in this mess, and cost them their place in Downing Street. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls are hardly the most charismatic politicians, but I am able to watch them on television without feeling unrestrained anger and resentment, unlike DC. But do I want them running the country?

The UK Independence Party? No. Never. Nigel Farage is a bigger cretin than Cameron. If he seriously thinks that winning one poxy seat is the beginning of a UKIP surge, then he is gravely mistaken. For a start, only 51% of people in Clacton voted. Secondly, this is a town that was offended by a Banksy art piece and painted over it. If the UK were to leave Europe, then I would have to leave the UK. Except I probably couldn’t because there would not be the same freedom of movement for workers. For all the things that we moan about, being part of Europe has it’s benefits, but that’s another matter.

Who else then? The Green Party? Hardly. The BNP? They’re worse than UKIP. Not vote? I could go down that route, but then if I don’t vote, I can hardly expect to have my views heard.

So that really only leaves the Liberal Democrats again. What a state British politics is in!


*this may or may not be sarcasm.


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