The NFL Predictions Feature – The Final Showdown

Well, here we are then. The day before Super Bowl Sunday. After 17 weeks of the regular season, and another 3 weeks of Play-off action, we are left with just two teams standing – Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. This is arguably a battle royale, pitting the best Offence led by Peyton Manning against the League’s best Defence, nicknamed the ‘Legion of Boom’ and boasting motor-mouth Cornerback Richard Sherman.

From our original field of eighteen Play-off predictors, we are left with 10. Is this down to good predicting? Or merely just the best teams showing their mettle when it comes to the crunch? Probably both!

So, ‘who’s left?’ I hear you ask, well here’s the rundown:

Frazer Loveman
Liam Jenkins
James Moore

Oliver Lines
Paul Chambers
James Griffiths
Martin Conn
Neill Hamersley
Mike Dandy

Good luck to all!!


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