The NFL Predictions Feature – Play-off Farewell

The season has finished. Resident predictor Adam Goldstein, aka @TailgateKnight finished with a defeat to end with a 10-6-1 record against his playoff logochallengers, but saw his beloved Chicago Bears miss out on the play-offs after a heart breaking loss at home to divisional rivals Green Bay. As for my team, Pittsburgh were within a hairs breadth of snatching a most unlikely play-off berth, only for the San Diego Chargers to snatch an overtime victory and nudge us out of contention.

But now, we have the fun of the Play-offs leading up to the season finale – The Super Bowl.

As one last hurrah, I have invited Adam and all the weekly challengers to pick their Super Bowl champions from the twelve strong Play-off field. Only the brave would dare to take on this challenge. The brave and the downright crazy…

@TailgateKnight – Carolina
Me – Seattle
Darren Gill – Philadelphia
Mark Beck – New Orleans
Adam Morton – San Francisco
Oliver Lines – Seattle
Paul Chambers – Seattle
Sam Dunne – New Orleans
James Griffiths – Seattle
Frazer Loveman – Denver
Marisa Kober – New Orleans
Martin Conn – Seattle
Jack Browne – Green Bay
Neill Hamersley – Seattle
Mike Dandy – Seattle
Gary Jordan – New England
Liam Jenkins – Denver
James Moore – Denver

So, there we are. A lot of confidence in the Seahawks, with Peyton Manning’s Broncos and the Saints also popular. On the flip-side, there doesn’t seem to be much faith held in the likes of the Bengals, Colts or Chiefs! Also, there seems to be a huge lean towards the NFC producing the Super Bowl champion this time around.

Over the course of the next month, we will find out…


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