The Quite Enjoyable NFL Predictions Feature – Week 15

We really are now getting to the nitty gritty of the season. There are now only 3 games left for teams to do what they can, and only three weeks left for Adam Goldstein to fend off his challengers on this very blog. Another win last week looks like ensuring an impressive record for the season.

This week sees @TailgateKnight sharpening his wits to take on a new challenger in the form of Gary Jordan. Gary is a Cowboys fan, and has cowboysbeen since the heady days of the early 1980’s when coverage was pretty limited to AFRTS coverage on the radio. So when Channel 4 subsequently picked up the coverage, Gary (and his strained hearing) jumped for joy! Nowadays, thanks to the likes of Sky Sports and the NFL Game Pass, catching live NFL is a lot simpler and comfortable! Gary has been writing and blogging all things American Football for about a year, using the online world to sound off at – unfortunately his immediate family aren’t really the sporting type – when a rant requires airing! Outside of the NFL bubble, Gary is getting to grips with a recent addition to his family (a little future Cowgirl?) along with the astounding rise of AFC Wimbledon from the ashes of the old club in the lower leagues to their current status as an established Football League club.

And so, without further ado, let’s get down to business!

San Diego 27 Denver 20
@TailgateKnight says: Denver
Gary says: Denver
Predictions: 0-0

Washington 26 Atlanta 27
@TailgateKnight says: Atlanta
Gary says: Atlanta
Predictions: 1-1

Chicago 38 Cleveland 31
@TailgateKnight says: Chicago
Gary says: Cleveland
Predictions: 2-1

Houston 3 Indianapolis 25
@TailgateKnight says: Houston
Gary says: Indianapolis
Predictions: 2-2

Buffalo 27 Jacksonville 20
@TailgateKnight says: Jacksonville
Gary says: Jacksonville
Predictions: 2-2

New England 20 Miami 24
@TailgateKnight says: New England
Gary says: Miami
Predictions: 2-3

Philadelphia 30 Minnesota 48
@TailgateKnight says: Philadelphia
Gary says: Minnesota
Predictions: 2-4

Seattle 23 NY Giants 0
@TailgateKnight says: Seattle
Gary says: Seattle
Predictions: 3-5

San Francisco 33 Tampa Bay 14
@TailgateKnight says: San Francisco
Gary says: San Francisco
Predictions: 4-6

NY Jets 20 Carolina 30
@TailgateKnight says: Carolina
Gary says: Carolina
Predictions: 5-7

Kansas City 56 Oakland 31
@TailgateKnight says: Kansas City
Gary says: Kansas City
Predictions: 6-8

Green Bay 37 Dallas 36
@TailgateKnight says: Dallas
Gary says: Dallas
Predictions: 6-8

New Orleans 16 St Louis 27
@TailgateKnight says: New Orleans
Gary says: New Orleans
Predictions: 6-8

Arizona 37 Tennessee 34
@TailgateKnight says: Tennessee
Gary says: Arizona
Predictions: 6-9

Cincinnati 20 Pittsburgh 30
@TailgateKnight says: Pittsburgh
Gary says: Pittsburgh
Predictions: 7-10

Baltimore 18 Detroit 16
@TailgateKnight says: Baltimore
Gary says: Detroit
Predictions: 8-10


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