The Thanksgiving Turkey flavoured NFL Predictions Feature – Week 13

Now the season is getting really interesting, with most games now taking on increased importance and the play-off picture throwing up all sorts of permutations, changing by the minute as the weekly games ebb and flow. But much more important than that, resident predictor Adam Goldstein (@TailgateKnight) is hoping to finish the season with a winning record himself. After last week’s defeat, he currently sits at 7-4-1, marginally better than his Bears are doing right now!thanksgiving football

So, on this Thanksgiving weekend, there awaits the next challenger: Neill Hamersley. Neill is a Green Bay fan of relatively recent persuasion – well 2009 to be precise – currently residing in Essex, not too far removed from his London roots. His day job as a photographer does nothing to distract him from the fact that with every game he watches, he gets more and more enthralled and enveloped by the extravaganza that is the NFL.

And now, after the introductions have acted as the starter, let’s get to the main course – the predictions!

Green Bay 10 Detroit 40
@TailgateKnight says: Detroit
Neill says: Green Bay
Predictions: 1-0

Oakland 24 Dallas 31
@TailgateKnight says: Dallas
Neill says: Dallas
Predictions: 2-1

Pittsburgh 20 Baltimore 22
@TailgateKnight says: Baltimore
Neill says: Pittsburgh
Predictions: 3-1

Tampa Bay 6 Carolina 27
@TailgateKnight says: Carolina
Neill says: Carolina
Predictions: 4-2

Jacksonville 32 Cleveland 28
@TailgateKnight says: Jacksonville
Neill says: Cleveland
Predictions: 5-2

New England 34 Houston 31
@TailgateKnight says: New England
Neill says: New England
Predictions: 6-3

Tennessee 14 Indianapolis 22
@TailgateKnight says: Tennessee
Neill says: Indianapolis
Predictions: 6-4

Chicago 20 Minnesota 23 (OT)
@TailgateKnight says: Chicago
Neill says: Minnesota
Predictions: 6-5

Miami 23 NY Jets 3
@TailgateKnight says: NY Jets
Neill says: NY Jets
Predictions: 6-5

Arizona 21 Philadelphia 24
@TailgateKnight says: Arizona
Neill says: Philadelphia
Predictions: 6-6

Atlanta 34 Buffalo 31 (OT)
@TailgateKnight says: Atlanta
Neill says: Buffalo
Predictions: 7-6

St Louis 13 San Francisco 23
@TailgateKnight says: San Francisco
Neill says: St Louis
Predictions: 8-6

Denver 35 Kansas City 28
@TailgateKnight says: Denver
Neill says: Denver
Predictions: 9-7

Cincinnati 17 San Diego 10
@TailgateKnight says: Cincinnati
Neill says: San Diego
Predictions: 10-7

NY Giants 24 Washington 17
@TailgateKnight says: NY Giants
Neill says: Washington
Predictions: 11-7

New Orleans 7 Seattle 34
@TailgateKnight says: New Orleans
Neill says: Seattle
Predictions: 11-8


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