Have I Got Yet More Views For You

Politics is a funny old game. For centuries this country has been subjected to the whims of those we elect to run the country for our best interests.voting

Ever since I turned 18, I have had the legal right to vote and have my say. As far as I can recall, I have voted at every local, European and Parliamentary election since then. Initially, I felt a huge responsibility was weighing on my shoulders when I stepped into that voting booth to make my choice. Of course, living in rural, ultra-Conservative Shropshire, whatever I vote for is almost a pointless vote as the Conservative candidate always romps home. But at least I have had my say, which is something that people have fought for over the years.

So, when the little contretemps between Russell Brand and Robert Webb blew up, and then Jeremy Paxman got involved, it brought the whole voting thing into the limelight. One the one hand, there was Mr Brand telling us all not to vote because it was a waste of time, yada yada yada, then Robert Webb hit back with an open letter (seemingly de rigour in the entertainment world these days) imploring him not to go promoting such folly to his fans. Naturally, Russell hit back, and then it all got a little surreal – after interviewing Russell Brand, Jeremy Paxman, presenter of Newsnight and habitual terroriser of politicians, admitted that he had not voted recently.

Now, let me say this about politics. It bores me to tears. There is nothing that captures my imagination – on one side there is smug toff David Cameron and his cronies. Since 2010, they have been attempting to rescue the economy from a serious black hole, and if I’m honest, they have done nothing but make my life harder. And I don’t think I’m alone in that. Alongside DC, there is poor old Nick Clegg who threw his hat in with the Tories in order to form a majority Coalition government only to see all his pledges and beliefs torn apart by the bullyboy Tory scumbags. No tuition fees, remember that?! And then on the other side, Labour. Whiny little Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. I have no confidence that they are capable of running this country any better than I could.

Those are the three major political parties, and I honestly don’t feel happy about voting for any of them. So who does that leave? UKIP? The Green Party? Well I can barely contain my excitement at that prospect!

But, come 2015, I will head into that voting booth and make a mark on the voting slip, because it is my right to do so. No amount of cheeky cockney patter mixed with long, fancy words will ever dissuade me from voting. So Russell Brand, this is one person that you haven’t got to.

If you are the revolution, I do hope it’s not televised…


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