The Brilliant NFL Predictions Feature – Week 9

Last week’s predictions saw a new phenomenon – a draw!! This means that Adam Goldstein’s record moves on to 5-2-1, so he’ll be out to get a win again this week.1984 AFC Divisional Playoff Game - Seattle Seahawks vs Miami Dolphins - December 29, 1984

His opponent this week is Frazer Loveman. A Miami Dolphins fan who has inherited his support from his dad thanks to the Dolphins being successful at the right time, an opportune visit by the Dolphins to the UK, and incredible parental pressure (possibly).

Anyway, with the introductions out of the way, let’s get down to business…

Cincinnati 20 Miami 22 (OT)
@TailgateKnight says: Cincinnati
Frazer says: Miami
Predictions: 0-1

Kansas City 23 Buffalo 13
@TailgateKnight says: Kansas City
Frazer says: Kansas City
Predictions: 1-2

Atlanta 10 Carolina 34
@TailgateKnight says: Carolina
Frazer says: Carolina
Predictions: 2-3

Minnesota 23 Dallas 27
@TailgateKnight says: Dallas
Frazer says: Dallas
Predictions: 3-4

New Orleans 20 NY Jets 26
@TailgateKnight says: New Orleans
Frazer says: New Orleans
Predictions: 3-4

Tennessee 28 St Louis 21
@TailgateKnight says: St Louis
Frazer says: Tennessee
Predictions: 3-5

San Diego 24 Washington 30 (OT)
@TailgateKnight says: Washington
Frazer says: San Diego
Predictions: 4-5

Philadelphia 49 Oakland 20
@TailgateKnight says: Philadelphia
Frazer says: Oakland
Predictions: 5-5

Tampa Bay 24 Seattle 27 (OT)
@TailgateKnight says: Seattle
Frazer says: Seattle
Predictions: 6-6

Baltimore 18 Cleveland 24
@TailgateKnight says: Baltimore
Frazer says: Baltimore
Predictions: 6-6

Pittsburgh 31 New England 55
@TailgateKnight says: New England
Frazer says: New England
Predictions: 7-7

Indianapolis 27 Houston 24
@TailgateKnight says: Indianapolis
Frazer says: Indianapolis
Predictions: 8-8

Chicago 27 Green Bay 20
@TailgateKnight says: Chicago
Frazer says: Green Bay
Predictions: 9-8


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