The Incredibly Promising NFL Predictions Feature – Week 8

Well folks, another win last week for Adam Goldstein means he is at 5-2, and also means an end to the strange connection between Adam’s prediction fortunes and those of his team, the Chicago Bears. So now the only question left for this season is… will anyone pick the Jaguars to win this season?!

This week also sees the second of the International Series matches for the 2013 season – the aforementioned Jacksonville Jaguars acting as the home team for the visit of the San Francisco 49ers. Once again you will be able to find Adam at the Green Man pub in Wembley, selling and signing copies of his book. I recommend you go if you’re heading to the game!Super-Bowl-XXXVI

On to this week’s challenger, then. James Griffiths is an Oxfordian now living in Edinburgh, with a family connection to the sport of American Football – his uncle played QB for the Witney Wildcats in the BAFL. Himself a firm Patriot fan since the heady days of Super Bowl XXXVI, when the Patriots began their period of sustained success by beating the then-fancied Rams. James attributes his support partly to the British penchant for cheering the underdog, and partly to family pressure (he has family over in Boston). He even had the pleasure of heading to Gillette Stadium on a recent visit to see the family.

Introductions over, now let’s get down to business…

Carolina 31 Tampa Bay 13
@TailgateKnight says: Carolina
James says: Carolina
Predictions: 1-1

Dallas 30 Detroit 31
@TailgateKnight says: Dallas
James says: Detroit
Predictions: 1-2

San Francisco 42 Jacksonville 10
@TailgateKnight says: San Francisco
James says: San Francisco
Predictions: 2-3

Cleveland 17 Kansas City 23
@TailgateKnight says: Kansas City
James says: Kansas City
Predictions: 3-4

Miami 17 New England 27
@TailgateKnight says: New England
James says: New England
Predictions: 4-5

Buffalo 17 New Orleans 35
@TailgateKnight says: New Orleans
James says: New Orleans
Predictions: 5-6

NY Giants 15 Philadelphia 7
@TailgateKnight says: NY Giants
James says: Philadelphia
Predictions: 6-6

NY Jets 9 Cincinnati 49
@TailgateKnight says: Cincinnati
James says: Cincinnati
Predictions: 7-7

Pittsburgh 18 Oakland 21
@TailgateKnight says: Oakland
James says: Pittsburgh
Predictions: 8-7

Atlanta 13 Arizona 27
@TailgateKnight says: Atlanta
James says: Arizona
Predictions: 8-8

Washington 21 Denver 45
@TailgateKnight says: Denver
James says: Denver
Predictions: 9-9

Green Bay 44 Minnesota 31
@TailgateKnight says: Green Bay
James says: Green Bay
Predictions: 10-10

Seattle 14 St Louis 9
@TailgateKnight says: Seattle
James says: Seattle
Predictions: 11-11


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