Have I Got Views For You Once Again

There is something wrong with the World. This will probably just come across as an incoherent rant, but it’s my blog, so tough luck sunshine!

My grumble concerns the state of our television. We have God knows how many television channels to choose from (I’m talking about Freeview here, the stuff everyone has access to) and at any one time, it feels like we are being fed reality nonsense, cooking shows, identikit drama series, lame gameshows, and endless repeats.

Where is the comedy? Or, more precisely, where is the comedy from new, unknown writers? If it’s not imported American stuff like The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother, it’s ‘comedy vehicles’ for the stand-up comedians cashing in on their popularity, or panel show after panel show.

Where are the Monty Python’s, the Father Ted’s or the Two Pints Of Lagers? The Fast Show’s or the Only Fool’s? The Men Behaving Badly’s? These days any mildly successful comedy show is picked up and flogged until all the jokes become tired, or just repeated slightly differently, and the stars get bored themselves.

Just in case you’re wondering, this isn’t entirely sour grapes because my own sitcom has gone some ten years without interest (returned by the BBC with a ‘thanks but no thanks’), it’s about the fact that comedy is becoming stale, and almost marginalised to the outer reaches of BBC3, Dave, and E4. When was the last decent new comedy programme shown on BBC1 or ITV? black-books

Personally, I think my sitcom idea has legs. With the right support, it could become the next Black Books or Not Going Out. Even after ten years, I re-read it and laughed. But then, I wrote it (with a little help). It’s called Blue Jay Way, and it’s about an independent record shop in Liverpool, run by a music snob and his slightly geeky, shy friend. There’s a pinch of Black Books, and a twist of High Fidelity. I even know who would play the lead role should it reach development stages (Stephen Graham, in case you’re wondering).

But that’s enough of that, this post is the starting point of a new feature on my blog coming soon-ish. In ‘Funny Fridays’, I intend to take one comedy show every week and remind you what they were about, when they were on, who was in them, and why I think they were or are funny. I chose Fridays for the alliterative feel. It could just as easily been ‘Funny Tuesdays’!

That’s it from me for now. If you’d like to hear more about ‘Blue Jay Way’, then just go ahead and ask. Please…



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