The Quite Popular NFL Predictions Feature – Week 4

It’s week 4 of the 2013 NFL season, and already Adam Goldstein, aka @TailgateKnight, has racked up a perfect 3-0 start against all-comers.

This weekend is the first of an unprecedented TWO NFL games at Wembley Stadium. The Minnesota Vikings are setting up a second home in London to face the Steelers on Sunday night, and I for one, will be there. Oh yes indeed. For any of you UK fans also heading to the game, then take some time to head on over to the Green Man pub not far from the big arch – 49ERS – where Adam will be hanging out and signing copies of his book, Tailgate To Heaven. I did ask if he was only signing his own book, and I’m afraid he is, so there’s no chance of him signing your copy of Death On The Nile, or One Direction’s life story!

But, for now, let us move on to the matter of this week’s predictions. Adam’s challenger this week is, well, another Adam! Adam Morton is a 49ers fan and has been since the heady days of 1996, with his personal highlight coming when the 49ers overcame the New Orleans Saints at the Divisional round of the Play-offs in January 2012. I would hazard a guess that the upcoming visit of the 49ers to Wembley in October will soon rival that though!

And off we go…

San Francisco 35 St Louis 11
@TailgateKnight says: San Francisco
Adam says: San Francisco
Predictions: 1-1

Baltimore 20 Buffalo 23
@TailgateKnight says: Baltimore
Adam says: Baltimore
Predictions: 1-1

Cincinnati 6 Cleveland 17
@TailgateKnight says: Cincinnati
Adam says: Cleveland
Predictions: 1-2

Chicago 32 Detroit 40
@TailgateKnight says: Chicago
Adam says: Detroit
Predictions: 1-3

Seattle 23 Houston 20 (OT)
@TailgateKnight says: Houston
Adam says: Houston
Predictions: 1-3

Indianapolis 37 Jacksonville 3
@TailgateKnight says: Indianapolis
Adam says: Indianapolis
Predictions: 2-4

NY Giants 7 Kansas City 31
@TailgateKnight says: NY Giants
Adam says: Kansas City
Predictions: 2-5

Pittsburgh 27 Minnesota 34
@TailgateKnight says: Pittsburgh
Adam says: Pittsburgh
Predictions: 2-5

Arizona 13 Tampa Bay 10
@TailgateKnight says: Tampa Bay
Adam says: Tampa Bay
Predictions: 2-5

NY Jets 13 Tennessee 38
@TailgateKnight says: NY Jets
Adam says: Tennessee
Predictions: 2-6

Philadelphia 20 Denver 52
@TailgateKnight says: Denver
Adam says: Denver
Predictions: 3-7

Washington 24 Oakland 14
@TailgateKnight says: Oakland
Adam says: Washington
Predictions: 3-8

Dallas 21 San Diego 30
@TailgateKnight says: San Diego
Adam says: San Diego
Predictions: 4-9

New England 30 Atlanta 23
@TailgateKnight says: Atlanta
Adam says: New England
Predictions: 4-10

Miami 17 New Orleans 38
@TailgateKnight says: New Orleans
Adam says: Miami
Predictions: 5-10


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