Albums You Should Own – The Return

It’s been quite some time since I last offered my wisdom on what albums you really should have in your record collection. I’ve been busy, as you can appreciate, and I’m sure you have been too. I just hope you haven’t gone astray without my knowledge and advice guiding you through the pitfalls of music purchasing.

This time out, I’m actually leaving the realm of music appreciation as my primary focus. Instead, this is one for all those parents out there, like me, with children of a certain age who are starting to get interested in all things scientific – either through school activities, or just their own natural curiosity.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of They Might Be Giants – creators of such instant classics as ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ and ‘Birdhouse In Here Comes ScienceYour Soul’ – well they also branched out into educational music, with a trilogy of albums: Here Come the ABCs, Here Come the 123s and the subject of this post, Here Comes Science.

The album is just short of forty minutes, and contains nineteen tracks with subject matter ranging from the four elements, to Paleontology, and from the planets to Speed and Velocity.

My personal favourites are ‘I Am A Paleontologist’ (used in my 8 year old’s class assembly last year as a musical interlude – and

subsequently embedded in my son’s head), ‘What Is A Shooting Star?’ a catchy tune used to explain what a shooting star is (clue: it’s not actually a star), and ‘Why Does The Sun Shine?’ The other sixteen tracks are equally as good and because they’re short, sharp and to the point, you can’t help singing along before too long!

An additional bonus with this album is the DVD that is included, containing videos to accompany all the tracks on the CD. As a music fan, this is a quirky little specimen, and as a parent, this is a real bit of genius.

Stay tuned for further editions of this long-running feature…


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