Work In Progress

After a little publicity drive on Facebook, here is a little excerpt from my 2013 Short Story Challenge – where I am attempting to write one 5,000 word story every month, hopefully ending up with 12 completely different short stories. So far, I’m still on course!

So here is some from this month’s attempt – Diary of an Introvert.

Wednesday 1st May
Realised I start my new job on Tuesday next week – how am I going to cope with talking to people all the time?! I should have tried to get a job in a library. Or a mortuary. But I will just have to bite the bullet. It’s an office job. What can possibly go wrong?

Today was okay. Managed to get on the bus without talking to the bus driver – a regular ticket bought through the company on-line was a master stroke of genius – and into town to get some new smart work shirts and ties. There was a tough moment when the sales assistant tried to offer me some, well, assistance, but I managed to play dumb and pretend he didn’t exist until he gave up and went to pester an older chap. I couldn’t make my mind up which ones to get so I bought four plain white shirts and ties of varying colours and patterns. It would have been so much easier with a girlfriend to help me out and tell me what colour goes with my eyes… I wish I had a girlfriend.

Thursday 2nd May
I decided to catch the train to Liverpool today. It’s my favourite city to visit, and the people are so nice – they leave you alone. I got off at Lime Street Station and wandered further into the City centre towards the docks. I went to the Beatles Story for my customary visit, and once again forgot to pick up the headphones with the commentary, so wandered around in silence, avoiding the other visitors and going straight through the shop without buying anything. I saw a very pretty girl with a nice bum and fairly big boobs in Burger King, and wished I had the guts to speak to her. She would have been great to have as my girlfriend… I wish I had a girlfriend.

Friday 3rd May
It was the last day before a long Bank Holiday weekend, and I spent most of the day at home watching the snooker on television. I enjoy watching snooker because most of the time, there is no noise, and the players can make their shots and think about things without the pressure of the audience shouting at them to make a particular shot, or cursing when they get it wrong. I went to a football match with my dad when I was younger- to make him happy and make me seem like less of a let-down in his eyes – and I hated every minute of it. That’s when I started watching snooker. It is my ambition to go to the World Championships in Sheffield one day. I could sit in the auditorium, watching snooker and listening to the commentary on those ear-pieces that everyone seems to have. As long as I don’t sit next to one of those wallies in a football shirt, because they stick out like a sore thumb.

Once the snooker had finished, I went to bed and read a book. I’ve got a double bed in my room, but I sleep alone. I wonder what it would be like to share my bed with a woman… I wish I had a girlfriend.


As you can probably guess, there will be a lot more to come. Hope you enjoy reading it, and I hope it was worth the wait and suspense!!


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