Have I Got Views For You Again

It’s been a busy week in celeb-world. For the legal system anyway. As each day passes, it seems another well-known, well-paid personality gets dragged into the fall out from the Jimmy Savile affair. This week: Ken Barlow (or Bill Roache as he’s known to the real Tie My Kangaroo Down, Sport!world).

Accused now of two counts of rape in the 60’s, he joins his fellow Corrie cast member Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) in the Celebrity-abusing-his-position dock. Add to that the former legendary radio commentator and It’s A Knockout host, Stuart Hall finally admitting his wrongdoings after initially protesting his innocence, and Rolf Harris, everyone’s favourite Aussie artist/animal lover. Slowly, the idols of the 70’s and 80’s children are being outed as sexual predators (allegedly in some cases) preying on women and under-age children. Who’s next? Keith Chegwin? Chris Tarrant? Roland Rat?!

As despicable as their acts are though, I can’t help but feel there’s a little of the Salem Witch Trials about it all. The constant stream of victims coming forward pointing the finger, the un-named accused ‘helping with enquiries’ and then comes the revelations. It was said in the immediate aftermath of the Savile scandal that some well-known public figures had cause to be concerned, and so it has proved. I just hope that those that get to court are given a fair trial and if found guilty are dealt with accordingly. The biggest culprit avoided his comeuppance, and I think that the public will demand extreme measures for those with the misfortune to have been caught out as some sort of compensation. Stuart Hall is now next in line – his career has been tainted, and if the law treats him as it would any Tom, Dick or Harry, he would be facing jail-time. It’s a Knock Out indeed.

So far, we’ve only had the television personalities. What about all those musicians and their groupies? Some of who would have been borderline of-age.

We haven’t heard the last of this, trust me.


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