Still Hitting All The Right Notes

26th April 2013 – The Hummingbirds at the Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

Remember the first time I ever saw this lot? Back in December when they supported Cast in Liverpool? I wrote about The Hummingbirds then, and now I’ve seen them again, well, I just bloody well have to do it again.

This time I took Marisa with me to introduce her to the awesomeness of their live performance. She’s had to put up with the almost constant playing of their music, the posting of Youtube videos on Facebook and general promoting. After this, she admitted to understanding how I felt the first time they stepped on to stage and wowed me with their music and their showmanship.

First of all, we had to find the damned venue, but once we did, we sat through the ‘support acts’ whose names I honestly couldn’t tell you but their sound made our ears bleed (bless them) and then the main attraction graced the rather intimate stage. Six blokes and a box now have a fancy little drumkit to accompany their lush guitar sound and chirpy Scouse wit.

The apparently unprepared set kicked off with ‘Home’, and from that moment, my foot was constantly a-tappin’, my shoulders slightly a-bobbin’ and my lips surrepticiously moving with the lyrics (when I thought I knew them – there’s no kudos in singing along with the wrong words). Marisa was beside me all the time and despite my arms-crossed pose, she could tell I was having the time of my life!20130426_223915

After that opening, we were treated to such gems as ‘Tonight’ which was dedicated to the memory of the sister of one of their close followers. A poignant moment befitting a song with minimal instrumentation and three voices that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. ‘More To See’, ‘Back In Liverpool’, ‘Awaiting On Your Call’, not to mention newer unreleased tracks ‘Where Have You Gone’ and ‘Out Of The Rain’ that will no doubt be gracing a forthcoming Summer release…

The set was brought to a close with a dash of blues, ‘Bankrupt Blues’ to be precise. Supplemented by their security guy on tambourine, the now seven piece effortlessy segued into a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Day Tripper’ to serve up a suitable finale to send us and the rest of the audience home with a spring in our step and a feeling that this music is good for our soul.

So, having introduced Marisa to my new love (musically speaking), the night felt like a dirty, but immensely enjoyable, threesome. In fact there was one male member of the audience keen to carry their children for them!

As much as I’ve enjoyed trying to spread the word of The Hummingbirds myself, the time will come soon enough that EVERYONE will know of their existence and I will just be another fan.

Keep an eye out in July for their first official single release – ‘Emma’, with an album most likely following closely behind. In the meantime, check them out on Youtube (but try not to confuse them with a different Hummingbirds band), visit their website at  and follow them on Twitter @thehummingbirds.

If you’d like to read my first write-up on the band, then head over to and look under the ‘What It Means To Me’ or just follow this link –


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