Monday Mix-tape – 11.03.2013

Another week has passed us by. While I let you get to grips with that bombshell, I will quickly say how I hope you’ve all been spoiling your mother, or, if you are a mother, your kids have been spoiling you (with help from dad should they not be old enough to reach the hob).

Right, recovered now? This week I’ve been listening to some classic tunes from that good old rollicking rock band from Manchester, Oasis. And so, this week, I’ve chosen ten tracks from the albums that were generally not as well received as the first two…

1) Gas Panic! (from Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants)

2) Hung In A Bad Place (from Heathen Chemistry)

3) A Bell Will Ring (from Don’t Believe The Truth)

4) Where Did It All Go Wrong? (from Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants)

5) Force Of Nature (from Heathen Chemistry)

6) Mucky Fingers (from Don’t Believe The Truth)

7) The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (from Be Here Now)

8) (Waiting For) The Rapture (from Dig Out Your Soul)

9) Be Here Now (from Be Here Now)

10) To Be Where There’s Life (from Dig Out Your Soul)

And there you have it – ten little pieces of quality that were hidden amongst a veritable feast of mediocrity. Do enjoy them, and return once more next week…


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