Monday Mix-tape – 04.03.2013

Believe it or not, seven days have passed since last week’s posting. That’s like a whole week! Now we’re into March and almost through a quarter of the year already. Christ on a bike!!

Currently, there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Not that I’m particularly busy or anything, but I’d just like a few more hours to sleep. And, in keeping with this theme of sleep (or lack of), here are ten tracks for your pleasure…

1) The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight – R.E.M.

2) No Sleep Til Brooklyn – The Beastie Boys

3) Tired Of Hanging Around – The Zutons

4) Tired Of Waiting For You – The Kinks

5) Don’t Sleep In The Subway – Petula Clark

6) The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Tight Fit

7) Nice Dream – Radiohead

8) If I Can Dream – Elvis Presley

9) California Dreaming – The Mamas And Papas

10) Insomnia – Faithless

And there you have it. Ten more tracks for you to discover and enjoy. Until next week.


2 thoughts on “Monday Mix-tape – 04.03.2013

  1. Have I missed a previous list on this subject? If not, how could you leave out the sublime 'I Go To Sleep' by The Pretenders (written by Ray Davies of The Kinks)? 'Get Some Sleep' by Bic Runga is also great too.

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