Monday Mix-tape – 25.02.2013

Welcome back folks! Another week has shot by faster than a bullet from Oscar Pistorious’ gun. (That’s ok, isn’t it? I mean there’s been no doubt that he fired the gun, it’s more a question of whether he knew who he was shooting at? Well, I’ll allow you to put the ‘allegedly’ where ever you deem necessary.)

This week, I’ve gone for a number theme, so here are ten tracks containing a number, and no smart-arse comments from me again (I’ve worked out that I can do the whole thing a hell of a lot quicker if I leave that crap out).

1) 18 With A Bullet – Pete Wingfield

2) 303 – Kula Shaker

3) Song 2 – Blur

4) 4-Day Weekend – The Bluetones

5) 5 Piece Chicken Dinner – The Beastie Boys

6) 78 Stone Wobble – Gomez

7) One After 909 – The Beatles

8) 10th Street – Fun Lovin’ Criminals

9) 1973 – James Blunt

10) 19th Nervous Breakdown

And that concludes this weeks offering. I trust you will find them enjoyable (well, most of them at least) and look forward to throwing together another ten for you next week.

Tatty Bye, as Ken Dodd would say!


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