Competition Time!

Ok folks, I’ve been looking at the blog, and decided the time is right for a good old face-lift, and that’s where you come in, dear readers.

What I’m after is a photograph or picture that you think sums up the philosophy of Specs, Rugs and Sausage Rolls, or if you want to be literal, some actual Specs, Rugs and Sausage Rolls!

The winning submission will get pride of place on the blog itself, not to mention the Facebook page, and my Twitter profile. If that’s not enough, the winner also gets the pleasure of writing their own post for publication on these hallowed pages.

Entries should be submitted with your post (between 300 and 1,000 words) and emailed to me at by Friday 22nd March, in a bmp or jpeg format, and then the new look Specs, Rugs and Sausage Rolls will be launched on Easter Sunday (resurrection, get it?!).

Hopefully this will catch someone’s imagination, but if not, I’ll just pay some useless Marketing Company a king’s ransom to do it for me!

That’s a joke, actually, people, I wouldn’t dream of spending any money on something so trivial!!


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