Monday Mix-tape – 18.02.2013

Another week has gone by, and here we are yet again for another helping of mix-tape fun and frolics. This week, I’m shining the Specs, Rugs and Sausage Rolls spotlight on a band from Sweden, that I’m guessing not many of you will have heard of. Oh, and no, it’s not ABBA. Or Ace of Base. It’s a band called Mando Diao, and they’re pretty darned good.

So, here for your delectation (and without any more smart-arse subtexts), are ten of my favourite tracks from their catalogue…

1) Gloria

2) Ochrasy

3) You Don’t Understand Me

4) Mean Street

5) Maybe Just Sad

6) If I Leave You

7) Kingdom & Glory

8) Mr Moon

9) Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille

10) Dance With Somebody

You can go off and listen now, and thank me later. Then why not come back next week as I struggle to find more tenuous themes to warrant linking ten tracks together.


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